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    Zoe the Penguin

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    Penguin Zoe features 5 pre-programmed melodies, to help children feel safe and sound: heartbeat, white noise, nature sound, lounge and lullabies. A built in nightlight gives a gentle glow in the dark. Additionally there is a wireless speaker, which enables parents to play their own choice of music or children’s stories. Zoe automatically shuts off after 20 minutes and the cry sensor re-activates Zoe if your child starts crying, helping them to fall back into a peaceful slumber.

    3 IN 1: Penguin Zoe is a sound machine, nightlight and wireless speaker in one. Take her along wherever you go and she will help sooth and comfort your little one!

    SOUND MACHINE: Young children often like to hear their favorite sound or song when falling asleep. Zoe has 7 pre-programmed melodies: heartbeat sound, white noise, lounge music, nature sounds and a loop of 3 lullabies.

    HEARTBEAT SOUND & WHITE NOISE: Newborns don’t need silence. After having spent 9 months in the womb where sounds of blood flow and heartbeat can get louder than a vacuum cleaner, babies will calm down and sleep better with sounds familiar from the womb.

    NIGHTLIGHT: Zoe’s head can light up with a nice glow. It has two brightness settings.

    WIRELESS SPEAKER: Connect your phone to Zoe’s speaker and play any song or story via the wireless speaker.

    AUTO SHUT-OFF: Zoe will automatically shut off after 20 minutes.

    CRY SENSOR: While you are not always around to press the play button, our smart cry sensor will activate Zoe upon crying.



    ▸ 16 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm

    ▸ Child-safe ABS; LED

    ▸ 2 brightness settings

    ▸ 5 volume settings

    ▸ Rechargeable battery included

    ▸ USB cable included (Input: 5V, 500mA)

    Zoe the Penguin

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    ''Our son is 5 years old, and he loves Tim the Turtle! As a mother, I also love it because my son doesn't wake me up before 6.30 every morning haha!''

    ''The sleep trainer is a must for parents with kids who need a better sleeping rhythm. Highly recommended!''

    ''Emma couldn't fall asleep because she was afraid of 'monsters' in her room. Since we bought the projector, she falls asleep pretty quickly! Thanks :)''

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